The Future Post-Brexit Survey

The full tables for Deltapoll’s survey for Prospect Magazine looking at public expectations of what the future holds for the European Union post-Brexit.

Netted together, the leading expectation is that the EU will survive intact, with equal numbers seeing stasis (16%), further (slow) integration (15%) or a move to fully federal union (14%).

However, three in ten (31%) see slow fragmentation, with a hard-core 5% expecting rapid implosion.

As is usually the case, a sharp divide cuts through this data, with the now seminal cleavage between Leavers and Remainers on full display. And not only on this question. There is also material difference in outlook on re-admittance expectations, how Brexit manifests itself in terms of Britain’s status in the world, and onĀ  reflections of the legitimacy of the EU referendum itself.

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Prospect Magazine
Deltapoll interviewed a representative sample of 2,033 adults online aged 18+ between 2-5th November 2018. The data has been weighted to the profile of all GB adults. Deltapoll is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.