Human behaviour is extremely complicated, often without thought, sometimes mundane and regularly systematic. It can be explained by repetition and need. Other times, it is driven by complex, random and entirely unpredictable sets of decisions – an interaction of thoughts, experiences and emotions that can be a catalyst for change.

Deltapoll work with our clients to explore and explain this human dilemma, by bringing back the human element to research and placing emotion at the very centre of our approach. We access not only the mind, but the heart too. In navigating today’s often bewildering environment, both still matter.

The Deltapoll team is headed up by two of the most influential opinion researchers in Britain:

Martin Boon

Martin BoonDirector

Martin is one of the UK’s most high profile and decorated opinion researchers, having served ICM through five General Elections and countless other electoral events. His pioneering approach to prediction has yielded multiple awards, including the prestigious Silver Medal for IJMR Best Paper and the MRS Innovation in Research Methodology. Prediction is but one component of performance measurement, particularly in the context of public sector strategic policy-making and communication evaluation. It is in these areas that Martin has helped clients most: identifying what successful policy and messaging look like, maximising their emotional resonance, and measuring their impact cost-effectively. He has done so using orthodox and unorthodox research techniques, ranging from large scale probability surveys to the fusion of implicit emotional reactions with stated attitudes. As a classically trained researcher with a constant eye on the next innovation, Martin brings to Deltapoll a reputation for public sector research excellence that few can match, along with a reputation for delivering it lucidly with honesty and a smile. Martin graduated from the University of Sussex with a Degree in Politics and went on to gain a Master’s Degree in Politics from the University of Essex.
Joe Twyman

Joe TwymanDirector

Joe is instantly recognisable as the face of British public opinion. He frequently provides expert analysis for both the national and international media, including BBC television and radio, Sky News, ITN, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN, Good Morning Britain and CNBC. He was previously Head of Political and Social Research for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at YouGov, having begun as a research director at the very start of the company back in 2000. As the architect of online political polling in the UK, he brings to Deltapoll unmatched experience and knowledge of the digital research environment, allied to a breath-taking ability to use and filter public opinion in a way that it’s meaning is easily understood by all its audiences. Not only is Joe the public face of Deltapoll, but he is also its analytical heartbeat, bringing to academic, political, think tank and media clients the full range of methodological and interpretive techniques to explain the state of public opinion. Joe has a BA in Politics from the University of Sheffield. He has been an affiliated lecturer at the University of Cambridge, is a visiting professor at the University of Sheffield, a visiting Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and a lecturer in research methods at the University of Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection.